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Looking for a life coach in Cape Town? Does it feel as if you lack direction, purpose and clarity in your life?  Do you have dreams that feel too unreachable because of limitations you impose on yourself?

Think of the last time you actually wrote a goal for your life (any kind of goal) and then sat down and worked out a plan for you to achieve this goal. Did you remain accountable to yourself so that you accomplished what you set out to do? Or did you perhaps start and then fall off the wagon and got tired of trying to always pick yourself up again?

Whether it be weight loss, trying to quit smoking or any, studying and completing qualifications to further your career, getting into shape or owning a new home – goals are difficult to achieve. We often get tired of the journey and do not follow through.

So how does life coaching help with all of this?

Life coaching is quickly gaining popularity because so many people have found meaning and purpose in deciding to hire a life coach. They have reflected on the positive shift that occurred in their lives due to life coaching and wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. So why not try it out?

Hiring a life coach is choosing to invest in YOURSELF. It’s about being prepared to invest in your own future. It’s about devoting the time and energy required towards making real positive changes in your life. It’s about taking responsibility and accountability for your actions, and this will result in:

An increased self-awareness, and thus higher self esteem
A better understanding of your abilities, talents, values and life purpose
A better understanding of your challenges and how to deal with them
Improved relationships
Business/career success
Finding your own ‘North star’.

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Life coach in Cape Town – next steps?

Allow me to journey with you through a well-structured 13-session program. I really want to encourage you and invite you to complete the form below and I’ll get back to you to book a free introductory session (face-to-face [Cape Town] or via Skype), and let us together clarify where you are, and how to move forward to a more rewarding and fulfilling future. Give it a try…


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