Ian Houston is a COMENSA registered

Coach specialising in Life, Career and Personal productivity coaching.

Coaching can help you identify and explore

the obstacles in your path and put in place practical plans to overcome them.

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Ian is a COMENSA registered coach who is strongly committed to helping his clients identify, explore and overcome the obstacles holding them back from achieving their full potential in their home or work lives. Using well-established coaching techniques, he can help you adopt a positive and goal-directed approach to realising a meaningful and rewarding home and work life.

Ian is Certified as both a Life and Career coach and is also a COMENSA registered coach. If you’re looking to up your game, consider ‘switching tracks’ with Ian Houston.

COMENSA registered coach - Life coaching

If you feel like you’re on the wrong path in your home or work life, then life coaching may help you clarify your goals and map out a clear path to success.

COMENSA registered coach - Career coaching

If you’re a Grade 10 to 12 learner, then choosing a career and making the right subject choices is essential to helping you reach your end destination.

COMENSA registered coach - Personal productivity coaching

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by home or work pressures, then personal productivity coaching may help you effectively chart and navigate your path to success.


The programme was excellent and well structured. Ian took a genuine interest in me as a client and we developed a strong friendship.

Ian is not only professional and organized, but also friendly with a brilliant sense of humour. The lasting effects of our journey are still evident today. I’m eternally grateful to you as my life coach.


Ian, paging through my coaching file reveals the rich experience that you helped me in discovering myself.  I can look back from my current life challenges and know this was no coincidence to have done this coaching. It was sent from God.

I am so grateful that you helped me and are still helping me on the road of life.  Thank you.


It was a wonderful journey.

It reminded me of my life’s purpose and opened my eyes to new possibilities.

I am thankful for the opportunity that this journey gave me to feel once more enthusiastic, passionate and fulfilled in my relationships and occupation.



As a life-long learner and avid enquirer, Ian believes in open and honest communication. He will respectfully challenge your thinking and approach to overcoming life’s obstacles and help you make the necessary shifts to move from where you are to where you’d like to be.  Ian is also proud to be a COMENSA registered coach.


After completing a Life Coach Certification Program in 2010, Ian began coaching part-time, as he was still in full-time employment within the Engineering and IT field at a leading Petro-Chemical company. As is the case with large corporates, this afforded him several leadership opportunities over the years, where he led technical teams in analytical & process control systems maintenance, and IT (support and projects).

During 2012, Ian furthered his coaching certifications by completing a Career Coaching Program. His mission is to empower parents and their children towards making more focused and informed decisions regarding their Grade 10 to 12 subject choices, followed by their vocation and tertiary education.

In 2013, Ian departed his corporate career of 34 years and moved to Cape Town to be closer to family, so that his wife and he could enjoy their grand-parenting responsibilities, and to commit himself to full-time coaching.

As a life-long learner and choosing excellence in all that he does, Ian’s goal is to make a difference in clients’ lives through coaching/mentoring with open and honest communication. He aims to ‘move’ clients (each as unique as they are) towards making the necessary shifts from where they are to where they dream to be.

Life coach (New Insights Africa) | Certified Career Coach (Career Management Academy) | COMENSA Registered Coach.  Switch tracks with Ian Houston.

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